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Common Causes of Water Damage in the House

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You have to be wary of all the potential elements to protect your house against as a homeowner. Wind damage, earthquake damage, and storm damage are some of these elements. However, the most common one is water damage.

We all know that prevention is better than cure. That’s why is it is ideal to take proactive steps to protect your belongings and protect your home. You will also save a lot of money in the long run.

Here are several common causes of water damage in the house.

Clogged Drains

Aside from being irritating, clogged drains can also cause water damage. It can cause mold growth if left unchecked. Aside from not being able to utilize the toilet, you will possibly also experience water backing up into the bathroom floor, sinks, or shower if your toilet is clogged. Since it contains bacteria and raw sewage, sewer water is very harmful. That is why it should be cleaned by an expert. You can experience sink overflow and constant damage to your cabinetry and kitchen flooring if your kitchen sink drain is backing up. Whenever you are experiencing drain clogs often, it is best that you seek expert help. This will help you prevent having to deal with water damage to your house in the future.

Leaking Pipes

Oftentimes, water damage in the house is caused by leaky pipes. That is quite obvious, right? Let us say you’ve got a loose-fitting pipe in the bathroom or under the kitchen sink, and you have simply noticed recently water pooling in that spot. You should immediately contact a professional when that happens. If you have a leak in one part of your house, it can mean that there are other leaks in other places as well. A leak is possibly present if you notice spikes in your water bill. Before additional damage is caused to your flooring, foundation, or landscaping, you have to dress it immediately.

Washing Machine

Do routine examinations on your washing machine. You should check behind the unit as well as beneath it. You have to ensure every fitting is connected securely. Also, make sure that the washing machine’s underbelly is not leaking any water. You should think about buying a new one if you’ve got an older washing machine that provides you a lot of problems.


In your house, another potential culprit of water damage is your dishwasher. If not sealed properly, your dishwasher can cause water damage. You have to ensure that any leaks are addressed immediately and that you replace or repair your dishwasher as soon as possible. If it’s too late, you can always contact a professional Nashville water damage restoration company for help.

A/C Unit

To make sure nothing is faulty, it is crucial to follow the routine service dates, even if your A/C unit appears just fine. Moisture typically builds up within the A/C unit. That water can be slowly leaking into your house if not drained properly. This will possibly damage your drywall and flooring.

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